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Ales Pancner

 Innotek Product Design 
Corporate & Residential Space Solutions 

" It is not enough that we
build products that
function, that are understandable and
usable, we also need to
build products that bring
joy and excitement,
pleasure and fun, and,
yes, beauty

to people's lives".  
Don Norman

Ales is a European artist and designer born in Czech Republic. He studied at LSU under professor Rudolf Kubicek , followed by additional private studies under Academy professor Pavel Vavrys - winner of prestigious UNESCO art competition in Paris 1989 and Pinacoteca De Estado in Sao Paolo - Brazil. He received additional fine art and design degree at Belohorska Art School in Prague. 

Ales's designs and art artwork has been featured in many international shows and galleries. His client list includes private and corporate collectors in United States, Europe and Australia. 

Innotek Custom Solutions represents his artwork at galleries and corporate settings such as hospitals as well as incorporates his inventive design ideas into medical devices manufactured by our company.  We are proud to have him on our team. 

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